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Testimonials received from some happy customers:

The recipient is delighted.  Thanks so much. WW (Aug 14, 2015)

Just wanted to let you know the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!!! I will definitely use you guys again and I will also recommend you.
SR  (July 29, 2015)

Dear Sir,
I was very appreciative for the service I received from the phone call.
Thanks for all the assistance I was given by your charming representative.
Sincerely, PC  June 23, 2015

Just got the message from Sarah and she absolutely loved it!! Thanks :) A.S. March 28, 2015

Thank you for the confirmation.  The recipient was thrilled with the orchid. D.D. Jan 16/15

Thank you so much – they are beautiful and Eva loved them! J.S. November 25/14

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful my flowers were that I received from my son last weekend.  My husband and I went to Toronto this past weekend,  to take our son out for his birthday lunch. When we arrived at my son's apartment he gave my a lovely arrangement of flowers. The arrangement consisted of 2 red carnations, 1 red rose, some babies breath and a variety of mixed greenery and a few branches with red berries. I was amazed at how beautiful your flower shop at designed this arrangement and made it so beautiful with only a few flowers to work with. I loved the arrangement so much that i snapped a number of pictures of it so that i could look back at my flowers long after they have died off. Thanks so much for creating a beautiful masterpiece.  C.M.    (Oct 29/14)   

Thanks. I don't like doing surveys, but I did want to tell you that Barb (my friend in the hospital) was thrilled with the flowers, and that they were beautiful. Thanks very much.  A.S.  April 28, 2014

I have lived in the Junction since almost birth.  I remember passing by and seeing little chick's or bunnies at Easter time.  This has always attracted the children, in turn it brings the adults to your store.
I have had both parent's decease and in-law's.  I would never use another florist other than you.
Your expedience in taking the order, making it correct and on time with delivery it fantastic.
Your arrangements are unbeatable in any category.
I Thank you for being a part of my life and my parents, and my children's.
In short.
You are fantastic.
Yours truly,
Ms. Heather Thompson (Mar. 20/14)

Thank You.....I saw a  picture of the flowers, they were very very nice. 
Pauline (Mar 4, 2014)

I deeply appreciate your amazing service, your courtesy and your wonderful sense of knowing what I want!!!
Thank you soooo much!!!
KM (Feb 13, 2014) 

Happy New Year, and thank you for your wonderful service delivering flowers to my daughter’s in-laws.  They arrived and looked beautiful!  I will definitely use your flower delivery service again! MB (Dec 18/13)

Many thanks for the beautiful plants.  They were amazing and my guests of honor were delighted to receive them. (Nov 13/13)

The floral wreath for my aunt's celebration of life arrived on time, and it was absolutely perfect.  Thank you! KR (Aug. 14/13) 

Just wanted to say your lovely arrangement (Take Your Breath Away) arrived on time and exactly as envisioned. My partner and I love it! Thank You So Much! (Apr/13)

Thank you so much.  Just wanted to let you know that the recipient loved the flower you sent.  She highly recommended your service.  (Apr. 10/13)

Just thought you would like some great feedback - "The flowers arrangement you chose is so beautiful and it brings great joy to her. She (and I) have never seen anything like it. Every day, a new flower emerges from its bulb and it brings her surprise and delight when she sees a new one. The arrangement might now be complete with all the flowers out and as I have already said, it is gorgeous."  Thanks again for providing such great service! - (Feb 26/13)

I received  2 beautiful bouquet of roses which are fresh and lovely one of a dozen red roses and another of mixed coloured roses. Thank you for delivering such a special order  from my fiancé in  New York City. (Jan.23/13)

Flowers were absolutely stunning!!!!!!!  K.H. (Sept. 21/12)

"... the 3 year old "big" sister was so happy she made up a dance holding her flowers."  D.O. (July 27/12)

Thank you again for the superb flower arrangements. They were just what I had hoped for. Many people commented on how lovely they were. 

Thanks again, S M (June 30/12)

Thank you for providing me this type of service.  AZ (July 11, 2012)

Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement.  It was absolutely stunning and better than I imagined.  My grandmother would have loved it and it gave me great pleasure.

Regards, JS (June 12, 2012)


As always, I can depend on Martin's Flowers to deliver the freshest and lovliest flowers on time!
Thank you!  My mother loved the flowers and so did I!
Kind regards, ED (May 12, 2012)


Thank you so very much.  I feel as if Martin's is my trusted friend!!! Everyone at 32 McM..... was really pleased and happy with the flower arrangement, the balloon and the bear.
S S (Jan 2012)

Thank you!
The prompt service and beautiful flowers sent
Was greatly appreciated!
Karen  (Jan. 2012)
I just wanted to thank you for the lovely flower arrangements that were sent yesterday for MR. As you said to me on the phone “don’t worry , we will take care of you” you certainly did. My husband, was very pleased too for the arrangement that you made for his mother,M. I would not hesitate to recommend Martin’s Flowers, to all my friends and family. You did a fantastic display.
Thank you ,
Mrs. L.R.  (Dec. 13, 2011)

Linda loved the arrangement.   She just got home from Mount Sinai today, and it quite cheered her up.

Thanks, Lynn.


Richard F (Oct 2011)


Susan, Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job of the flowers.

MB (Wedding, Sept. 2011)

We have always been very pleased with any floral arrangements prepared by or provided through Martin's Flowers.
Thank you.
Dale (September 2011)

Thank you so much for putting together beautiful floral arrangements for our wedding! We were very pleased with the results! David and I also appreciated your patience with our very specific choices, and working tirelessly to make our wedding perfect! Thank you so much!
Amanda and David
December 2010 wedding
You delivered a beautiful flower arrangement from my daughter in New York on Mothers' Day.  They were so beautiful I sent a picture to her with a thank you.  Every few days since I have sent her a new picture when the visual of the arrangement changes as I purge the flowers that have wilted and rearrange those remaining.  Now, 2 weeks later, I still have a small vase of salmon and pink carnations left to enjoy.  
We have tried other florists between New York and Toronto but yours are always the best and exceed our expectations.   Thank you so much for making this mother and daughter very happy.
(May 22, 2011)

A big thank you for
the funeral arrangement
you just did for my friends Father. It is beautiful!!! Claire (April 2011)

I meant to send you a message last week-end or earlier this week, to thank you for the absolutely beautiful roses, received by my wife. They are still going strong. Thanks again.
R M  (Feb. 18/11)

Thank you! You've made a lot of happiness happen. CB (January 2011)

She sent me a photo of her orchid, just beautiful thank you for the excellent service!
K S  (Jan 21/11)

I spoke with my mother yesterday and she was thrilled with the bouquet she received, so needless to say I'm very happy with the service you provided.
Thank you very much.
Cheers, Elizabeth (Jan. 11/11)
Thank you Ryan for taking our Christmas order at the last minute late into the day.
Excellent service.
Merry Christmas,
The Nelson Family (December 24, 2010)
Thank you.
As per usual, the flowers from you are magnificent and the talk of the room!.
Thank you for adding the pine, it does make it beautiful for this time of year.
Thank you again.
Customer for over 13 years. (Dec. 22/10)
Dear "Flower people"!
I just spoked to my son, he was very pleased with the gift,which I'd send trough your company. I am very pleased by your service and I'll  continue
to use it!
Have a very Mary Christmas and Happy New Year!
                              your very satisfied client (Dec 22/10)
NB - The flower arrangement was a surprise and really beautifully arranged.
Thanks, RE   (Nov. 9/10)

Thanks again for sending to my friend a beautiful bouquet. They all - meaning the family of 5 - said how lovely they were... I can always count on Martins. Thanks.  Margaret  (Oct.25/10)

Lynn... The orchids were absolutely beautiful!!! My recipient loved them! Just what I was looking for... Will definately do business with your company again, thanks so much! (Sept. 21/10)

Lovely arrangements for Mother's Day. Many Thanks! EB (May 18/10)

Dear Susan
Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into designing and creating the floral arrangements for my aunt's memorial.  As a customer of Martin's for many years, we knew that our vision of the flowers for this special event would be brought to fruition.   I was very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with you.  Your beautiful arrangements helped to make my aunt's memorial even more special.  My aunt loved to be surrounded by pretty flowers and we know that she would have been thrilled - as we were. 
Thank you again, Susan, for your expertise and care.   
KTL  (April 2010)


My daughter was thrilled with the delivery today of the beautiful tulips that we ordered from you. She said that they are just slightly open and will be a very beautiful combination of yellow and pink. Thank you for the quality of the flowers and the choice of the colour combination.

 B B  Feb.13/10

Dear Martin's Flowers:
I understand from my mother, 'the birthday girl' that her bouquet of flowers is simply beautiful. Thank you, for once again doing such a great job. I have a feeling this particular arrangement is extra spectacular, and for that I am very grateful. It is so nice that this gift of flowers has made her so happy. Finally, I cannot begin to describe how impressed I am that this custom order (i.e. using one of your featured online arrangements as a springboard), was so carefully and lovingly brought to fruition. Kudos to Susan who took my order and to the rest of your stellar staff. I am so pleased to give my business to such a worthy Junction institution! In this world of quantity over quality, y'all ROCK!!
Cheers! Sharon (Feb 5/10)


lynn, thanks for taking my order.
thank you very much for the confirmation of delivery - my mother was laden with flowers from other sources, but commented on the chocolates and sunflowers - i await a photo....
thanks for great service

much appreciated (Jan. 22/10)


Thanks for your good service.


Thank you very much! Flowers were a hit! (Jan. 18/10)



Thank you so much for such prompt and efficient service!! It is pleasure doing business with you!! P. was very happy and surprised by the flowers. He said  “In times such as this, it is quite amazing how precious these gestures become.” I thought his comment was noteworthy.




Just wanted to say thanks for the flowers you sent to my mom in BC -- I had asked for a substitution from red to yellow roses because she loves yellow flowers and I couldn't find the same arrangement on your website in yellow.  A lovely arrangement of yellow roses arrived and she was thrilled.  Thanks very much for the personal touch.


Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement.  The mother of this young lady who passed away said she would take this arrangement home.
Thanks again.




Merci! My friend Lorraine was very happy with your flowers.


Hi there:

 Thanks so much for your arrangement. My Mother was absolutely thrilled and impressed with the bouquet.

 Best regards,

Corinne F  (May 2009)

Dear Martin's Flowers,

 The flowers arrived today for my mother and she told me they are very beautiful. She loves roses so I couldn't have made a better choice. You also added an extra rose for her so I thank you for that. I've used your shop before and I've always had good results. Thank you.

 Barbara S (May 2009)


Saw the flowers last evening - they were beautiful!  Thank very much.


Karen (May 2009)

Just a note to thank you so very much for the beautiful arrangement you sent for me today.  The patient absolutely loved it.  You have done it again!

Thanks for your delivery in Toronto

Recipient loved the flowers.

Greg & Nuala S.  (Durban, South Africa)


 Thank you very much for your delivery!

It had the impact I wanted it to have!

The best part is that she was getting quite upset since she thought I forgot her birthday... And the moment I decide to call is the exact same minute when the flowers got delivered at her place... So she thought it was all arranged!

Thank you for the nice flowers and I will recommend your place to further customers!

Have a good day!
Jean-Nicolas D.

Thank you for the awesome service.  Mel called me last night to say the flowers are beautiful.

 Flo V.



 We thank you and Susan for your excellent service and recommendations on this transaction.

We have forwarded your web info to the owners at the project as a reference for you.  They loved the plant and told us it was beautiful, healthy, and a perfect fit for their office.

 Best regards,



 Thank You and thanks for the reminder , it really works, then one doesn’t have to try and remember who you used last.


Thank you - she called to say she loved the flowers.  Nice Job 

Siobhan C. 

Thank you and your staff for the nice arrangement.  My wife enjoys the flowers!  Her female staff is very jealous.


I will make it a point to use Martin's in the future!

 Gregory I.

My parents said the bouquet was gorgeous.  Thank-you! 

 Eleanor B. 

Thanks.  I just want to commend you on your exceptional service.  The flowers are fantastic every time I order them from you, and always as you have described  them to me when they arrive. 


 Ernst F.

Thank you for an amazingly quick response!

I knew you wouldn't let me down!


Karen R.

They were gorgeous and added tremendously, along with the balloons, to the presentation.

Thank you.

Beth E.

Recipient of flowers says they are beautiful. Cheers, CR

Thanks, as well......My Mom loved the flowers.

Jesse S.


Dear Lynn,

Bless your heart--now I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

You folks are the best!  Lysa


noWorries, she was the happiest mother in t.o..Thanks again!!!


Hi Lynn,

 Thanks for that. She said they were lovely.  They made her cry though! Not sure if that counts as a success in your book?


 Thank you very much for your excellent service.  We will use your company again.  Have a nice Easter. 

Gladys and Barry S. 

Marystown, NL 

Dear Martin Flowers,

I just wanted to let you know that Mr. A. (Geoff) was very pleased with the arrangement you sent.  He mentioned it several times to Dr. A. (Sender). 

Thanks again for your speedy and beautiful service. 


Kirstin T. W.


Thanks for your excellent service today ; very professional and much appreciated. 


Robert R.

Thank you for the fantastic service. She loved the arrangement.

 Best regards,

Aubrie G.

Hollywood, FL 


Many thanks, your service is always excellent, we have used you a few times now -it s not easy arranging things from England!

 Much appreciated



Thank you so much for such a great service; I am very impressed with your fast response. 

I will gladly use your service in the future. 

the flowers were beautiful...the delivery was perfect timing....cindy left the office for a minute, came back, the flowers were on her desk, she walked in and she burst into tears.....she's worked the courthouse for 10 years, heard a lot of horrific stuff but until yesterday I had never seen her cry...but it was tears of joy, not the other kind we get far too often at the courthouse...many many thanx....


Thank you for your delivery of the orders below; our customer was very pleased.

Shawna S


Thanks for all your great assistance, the flowers were gratefully received by my Darling Jessica.  I will be back in touch.



My cousins phoned after the flowers were delivered and they said they were beautiful.  Hopefully they will take a picture so that I can see what they look like.

 60 years of marriage is a milestone.  Fortunately I remember (I was a member of the bridal party ………..I was very young) as their children didn’t until I reminded them today.


Thank you for delivery of the flowers my aunt was very pleased

Thank you for sending confirmation of delivery and for delivering the flowers before noon.  Lina informed me that the arrangement is beautiful and that it included chocolates which I did not order -- so thank you for the extra gift.  She cannot eat chocolates but her co-workers enjoyed them ... so I do appreciate the gesture.
Thank you very much,


This is the ultimate in quality service.

 Thanks Doug


 Just wanted to let you know how perfectly matched to my colour requests your arrangement was. Many thanks for helping make Dad's funeral even more beautiful. In 30+ years, you've never disappointed. 


 EXCELLENT WORK!!! I thought you guys were going to screw up some part of the order - instead you nailed every aspect!

GREAT JOB! And no pesky follow up emails! Just phenomenal execution.

Many thanks!




Barbara B. said the flowers are beautiful. Thank you. 


We just wanted to send you a short note to say “Thank You” so much for the wonderful flowers you arranged for our December wedding. The arrangements, boutonnieres and bouquets were all so beautiful, and drew many compliments from our guests as well. They really helped make our day special and memorable. Thanks again, P & C


Thanks  for your help, GREAT job as always  

John K 


Thank you. And, thank you for the beautiful arrangement delivered to my mother. You always make it special. 
Betsy T


Dear Lynn, and Martin's "Flower People":  Just want to let you know that the gift basket you delivered to Mr. and Mrs. D H on May 20 was extremely well-received by them.  The only reason they opened it was because they saw the fruit!  If not for that, they were of the opinion that it was too beautifully presented to open.  They've taken pictures of it for me to see, would you believe? 
Thank you for doing your usual great job and making everyone happy!