Ranunculus – The Dazzling Buttercup

We were able to get some gorgeous Ranunculus this week.

Beautiful Ranunculus in yellow, orange and pink

These lovelies are from Holland. We have enjoyed watching them open and develop the last few days. The green centre grows larger, especially on the orange ones.

Doing a little research, we found that they are native to Asia, and are based on the name “Rana” or “frog.” Frog? Why is that?

Apparently, the traditional meaning for gift of ranunculi is “I am dazzled by your charms.” The plant is related to buttercups and anenomes. It grows from a tuber, and is easy to plant and grow.

We like the Native American story of Coyote, who was so clever he used to toss his eyeballs into the sky and catch them again. Then, one day, an eagle snatched the eyes mid-air! The nimble Coyote picked two ranunculus blooms and used them instead of eyes.

Here’s lookin’ at you, Ranunculus!


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