Rose Care Information

A recent post by another Toronto florist had me boiling! They recommended this treatment for a wilting rose: put the stem in boiling water. Now really! Where is the science for that one?

The living tissue of a rose stem does not want to become tea just yet. Its job is to pull water up the stem to the precious bloom at the top. If a rose begins to wilt just below the flower, there is a blockage in the stem. It could be from bacteria in the water, or the stem may have been cut and left to dry a little before being placed in water. (You have ten seconds to get the fresh cut stem into water.)

To rescue the rose, have fresh cool water ready in a clean vase with properly proportioned flower food in the water. Then cut at least one inch off the bottom of the stem with clean, sharp scissors or a knife. Immediately put the rose in the water. Keep it in a bright, cool room out of direct sunlight. You also can roll it up gently in a tube of newspaper to support the head for an hour or so until the treatment works.

Sophie Rose

A healthy and happy "Sophie" rose

So be cool, and keep away from boiling water. Treat your roses kindly, and they’ll bring you much joy.


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