Why Sprite, Aspirin and Pennies Don’t Keep Flowers Alive

There are lots of “home remedies” for keeping flowers fresh. You may have heard of putting pennies in the vase, or dropping an Aspirin in the water, for example.

Each of these remedies has an ounce of truth to it. But none of these solutions remotely compare to properly mixed flower food from the florist.Roselily - a new variety of lily with many petals

Courtesy of FlowerChat, here is an explanation by Gina Kellogg, Community Manager.

If you want a better understanding of why mom’s solutions aren’t the best, here’s the explanations:

– Sugar. Flowers will gain nutrients from sugar, but so will bacteria. Those bacteria will clog the flower stems, preventing water uptake and, thus, negating any value of the sweet substance.

– AspirinWhile Aspirin lowers pH, and thus reduces bacterial growth, it doesn’t provide the nutrients stems require.

– 7-Up or Sprite. These sodas contain sugar and citric acid, which are both needed for long vase life. However, pop doesn’t contain these ingredients in the correct proportions. Plus, it doesn’t offer  biocide or fungicide. So stick to slurping soda rather than adding it to vase water.

– Pennies. The copper coating of these coins releases ions, which attach to microorganisms and destroy them. Unfortunately, copper is one of the least reactive metals, making it ineffective in ridding vase water of unseen baddies.

– Soap. Ingredients in soap or detergent act as wetting agents (surfactants) to decrease water’s surface tension. This action increases water uptake in flower stems. But, again, soap provides no nutrients, nor does it prevent the growth of bacteria.

All the necessary ingredients for long vase life are mixed in perfect balance in your package of flower food. If you are careful to mix the power in the right proportion to water, you will have optimal performance of your flowers.

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