You can always get it cheaper…

When we give wedding quotes, we will do our best to work within the Bride’s budget and still create the look she wants. But sometimes, it’s helpful to demonstrate just what that arrangement or bouquet will look like at the different price levels. The following article illustrates how price can affect the look of the arrangement.

Sasha Souza of Sparkliatti in Seattle has published a clever article called, “Let me clarify – you can always get it cheaper.” In the article, she shows photos of arrangements at different price points.

Florist work on slim margins with perishable products. We will always order in more flowers than we can use, possibly from different suppliers, to get the perfect ones for a wedding. Weddings are labour intensive, both in the hours of planning and consulting, and in the actual design. Everything must be done with speed and accuracy in a very limited time. So the prices will cover all the thought, labour and care taken – as well as the cost of the flowers!

We often see requests on Google for “cheap wedding florist” and wonder, What does that Bride really want? You won’t get Preston Bailey’s design for Walmart prices. Well, I’m not trying to be snickety. All this is to say, read the article and it will help explain why cheaper is not better.


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