Improve Your Business Image With Flowers

Do you want your business to be seen as sophisticated, caring and thoughtful? Whether you run your own small business or are part of a large corporation, the answer is sure to be a resounding “Yes!”

The road to a better business image may lead right through a garden – or at least to your local florist! There is no debating the appeal that fresh flowers hold for people. You need only watch the reaction in an office when the floral delivery person arrives.

“Is that for me?” “I bet that’s for …” “They are so lucky!”Orchid_Elegance__ME565.jpg

Without fail, flowers are sure to create a reaction. What’s not so obvious is the lasting impact a gift of fresh flowers can have. In a recent study, 92% of respondents remembered the last time they received flowers. Further, 86% said flowers made them feel special, and 88% said flowers improved their mood. Studies have also shown that flowers in the workplace improve creativity, foster a positive atmosphere and improve productivity.

What do flowers say about your company?

The gift of flowers can help humanize an otherwise impersonal and intimidating corporation. Flowers are often associated with upscale environments; think of the last time you were in a resort or finer hotel lobby. Flowers in your lobby help create a positive association in the mind of your visitors and employees. After all, there are many reasons why flowers are an integral part of the repertoire of any professional interior decorator.

When presented with random gifts of various items, in a variety of price ranges, only flowers elicited a measurable positive response from the recipient. When asked, 89% of floral recipients stated they felt floral givers are sophisticated and 99% said people who send flowers are thoughtful.

The Perfect Gift

“But, flowers die,” says the critical mind. Yes, they do! But, they last longer than a dinner out, they never go out of style, and they do not add to the useless clutter of miscellaneous gifts that accumulate around the house. Most importantly, the memory of the gift of flowers can last a lifetime.

Flowers are never “the wrong thing” to send!

To discuss how fresh flowers from Martin’s, the Flower People, can help improve your business image, staff and customer relations, please contact a member of our Customer Service Team today at 416-766-6121.
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