Archives for May 2011

Tall, beautiful and blue

We picked up some delphinium this morning… Have a look! We had to ask Katie to stand beside the vase, because these beauties are unbelievably long! The colour is that blue-purple that makes you go “Wow!” Mother Nature is so inspiring.


Is the FTD LivingSocial Coupon saving you money?

Of course, people love to save money. And group coupons are a hot new way to do it! But the promotion from and LivingSocial for Mother’s Day leaves something to be desired. This article by Cathy Rulloda explains that you will actually save .99 by using the $20 coupon. That’s ninety-nine cents! Because […]


Flowers and Plants Served Up for Mom

Moms can be the most practical people in the world. This arrangement for Mother’s Day is full of practicality! It’s pretty and bright. It’s stylish and unusual. It has a living ivy plant that will continue to grow. And it’s designed in four cute pots on a keepsake tray. Our first version of the arrangement […]