Opulent Orchids

Single Stem Purple OrchidOrchids have long-since been thought of as tropical works of art, courtesy of Mother Nature. Exotic locales (Thailand, Singapore and Hawaii)may have cultivated a misconception that orchids are extremely delicate and difficult to maintain in North America. A pity, as orchids are actually a very hardy plant whose stunning appearance will enhance any home or office with a touch of elegance.

Recommended “beginner” orchid varieties (which grow in bark, not soil) include Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and Dendrobium. They come in a wide variety of colours and will bloom for two to three months if placed near indirect daylight and watered once a week. Wild orchids naturally grow “upside-down” with the flowers at the bottom of the plant, which is why we stake or tie the stems with wire to keep the flowers vertical, once they are potted.

Cut orchids make for beautiful vase arrangements, centrepieces and corsages – perfect for a summer wedding! Some orchids display such vibrant colours ( deep pink, magenta) that many people believe they are dyed. Not true! Amazingly, these hues are natural. However, some bright blue orchids now on the market have actually been dyed.

Orchid enthusiasts can check out the Southern Ontario Orchid Society at www.soos.ca. Or call Martin’s to order your fresh, lovely orchids. Enjoy!


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