Archives for October 2011

Best Plants for Your Office

We often get inquiries about floor plants for the office. It seems that with autumn approaching, and the daylight hours getting shorter, more inquiries are coming in lately. If you’re looking for plants that purify the air then check out this article from our site. There are photos of commonly available plants that will help […]


CAFA Design Show

Once a year, the floral artists of CAFA put on a design show and induct new members. This year’s show was “A Tribute to All Things Canadian.” Our Head Designer, Susan Wetheral, is a proud member of the Canadian Academy of Floral Art. She was part of a team that depicted Canadian Wine. Her first […]


Fall Wedding Flowers

Last weekend we created flower bouquets for two very different weddings. The first one was very current in style – it featured poppy pods, berries, heather and unusual greens. Take a look at the Bride’s Bouquet: Lots of texture in this bouquet! The flowers include cymbidium orchids, carnations and heather. There are various interesting greens, […]