Hand-Made Cards by Local Artist

A fabulous Valentine gift is not just one item – like roses – but a package. Something that shows that time and thought and planning have come together for a personal and heartfelt gift.

This Valentine’s Day, we have brought in hand-made greeting cards created by local artist Jane Mullis, of Missing Piece Mosaics. These are sweet drawings with simple text. Here’s a card suitable for a girl to give a guy:

Girl giving a Valentine cardIs that an “L” for “love” she’s signalling?

Now here’s the card for guys to give girls:

Boy giving Valentine cardHow cute is that?

Now take a look at the sheep on this card:

Flock of sheep, two in loveIn the midst of the flock, two cute sheep have found each other:)

Whimsical, aren’t they?

We also carry quite a variety of other cards, so you can begin your planning for Valentine’s Day certain that Martin’s can pull the whole gift together for you.


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